Monday, June 26, 2017

Life in the Wild, Wild, West

     We've been in Arizona now for 6 months, a lot has happened! Due to technological issues we haven't updated our blog. Those issues are behind us now and we would like to catch you up on the highlights of the last 6 months!
We arrived in Arizona after a 3-day journey and nearly 2000 miles on January 13, 2017.

     We have been so blessed by so many of you who have stood with us in prayer, financial support and of course our great and mighty God! We arrived safely to McNeal, Arizona (Home Office of New Tribes Mission Aviation) on Friday, January 13, 2017.

Our whole aviation team in McNeal paused for a photo just before the 2017 Air Expo in February.
     Not long after arriving we jumped into our role with the Aviation Team. We came at one of the busiest times for our Aviation Home Office. New candidates arrived and began their evaluations as they aspire to serve the Lord through New Tribes Mission Aviation. It is a grueling week of testing these individuals on their flying abilities and mechanical abilities. The result of the evaluations was 5 new candidates and their families will be arriving to begin training in McNeal with us in the Fall of 2018. Praise the Lord!!
     The next event followed on the heals of evaluations. It was the New Tribes Mission Aviation Air Expo. The Expo was put on so churches and individuals in our local community could see  what is happening in their backyard, so to speak. Many aircraft were on display and multiple rides were offered to attendees. The helicopter in the center of the above photo was dedicated this day to future service in the Philippines. The Expo was a huge success for our team locally.

Old unusable housing is removed to make way for new as anticipation of  new trainees will be arriving soon to us in McNeal.
     Shortly after the Expo attention turned to the housing situation for our students. With the influx of new trainees anticipated it was quickly decided steps should be taken to improve our housing situation in McNeal. It was decided 2 new homes would be needed immediately to alleviate the stress of inadequate housing for our trainees. As a result our maintenance team prepared 2 condemned home on our property for removal.
     Once the mobile homes were removed, Kent and the maintenance team shifted focus to preparing the empty sites for new double wide manufactured homes. Two new concrete pads measuring 28 feet wide and 56 feet long would be needed for the new homes. It took a lot of physical work in some very warm temperatures, but the maintenance team persevered, they prepped and poured the two pads with some major help from the rest of the aviation staff.
Kent and his co-laborer Danny work to tie rebar in preparation of concrete.
The whole aviation team came together to make 2 days of pouring 29,000 lbs. of concrete successful...Even our Grady!
     Our children appear to be transitioning well to our new life serving the Lord in Arizona. Grady has finally been able to play a full season of baseball! In previous years we haven't been able to get home in time to get him on a team. Grace continues to be a great person at making friends and having all kinds of fun. Dottie turned the big number 1! She continues to be an incredible baby and a major ray of sunshine for our family.
Our little Grady is growing up fast. He was so proud to finally be able to play baseball.
If we'd let her Dottie would love to drive us around!
Grace has come to love horses, thanks to her Kindergarten teacher (Right).
We are also still exploring the land and it's inhabitants...carefully!
Our new home is both, intriguing and beautiful. Thank you Lord! This is Oak Creek near Sedona, AZ.


  1. Prayers your way... :)


  2. Great update. I love how you are settled in one place and Grady can now play baseball. It's so hard to believe it's been SIX MONTHS already! That last pic is beautiful!

    Love you guys!

  3. Brenda, this is Samantha Smith from Taylor. I’d love to reconnect with you!!