Monday, July 7, 2014

The Honey Bee is Three

On July 1st, we celebrated Grace's third birthday. When I woke up that morning I realized that our Honey Bee was Three. I thought that we pretty funny, I even got a smile from Kent about it. The day was going to be a little crazy so I wanted to make it as special as possible for Grace. And how else do we do that.... by having special food! So for breakfast Grace had three donuts and a poptart.

Grady and I sang her Happy Birthday and Grace chimed in singing "Happy Birthday to Me!"

She enjoyed hot dogs and macs and cheese for lunch and then we had chips and salsa for supper. However, Grace was so excited that she didn't even eat anything. She was to excited for her party!

Two weeks ago, I asked Hunter to make Grace a bug cake for her birthday. Grace loves bugs and loves hunting for them. Hunter did a great job of looking up cakes and finding one that was just right for Grace

 Grace loved her cake. She wasn't too sure about a "bug" cake, in fact she said, "Yuck!" when I first told her. But she seemed to like it in the end.

So did her cousins! 

Next we opened presents. It was pretty fun and completely different than Grady. She took her time with each present and thought about what they were. As you can tell she was very excited about them.

She even sat and let me read her the cards!

She especially enjoyed her new princess bike that she got from her Grammy and Pa. She's now riding around like a pro!

 After a long day, Grace ended it by playing with her all time favorite toy. Puzzles! Grace plays puzzles every day. Aunt Brandy was kind enough to buy some new ones. Grace was super excited and took the time to do each one before her party ended.

The party was a blessing to me. I had my family and my friends there. As some of you may experienced, birthday parties are sometimes as much for the parents as the kids. Grace's party was so different last year, for a number of reasons, so it was nice to have one where it was a big celebration. It was also the first party we had at the Lockwood's home, where we live. We're thankful that they let us use their home for the party.
Thank you to everyone that came and celebrated Grace's big day. I can't believe our Bee is three.