Friday, November 8, 2013

Grace's Funny Faces

Grace our Honey Bee (which is why we often call her Gracie Bee) makes some of the funniest faces. Here are a few....

Morning Face
Cowgirl Face
I'm Not a Baby anymore Face

Serious Working Face

 Cuddle Face

I am absolutely terrified of Ronald McDonald Face!

I'm a cutie Face

Bedtime Snack Face

Long Car Ride Face

 Oh Our Honey Bee brings us lots of laughs, hugs and kisses!


Kent and I have been noticing that Grady says the funniest things. Here are some of them...

*When Griffin came over for Grady's birthday, Grady said, "This is our closet. This is our bathroom in case you need to go pee."

*When we were talking about Kate and me running the 5K, Grady asked, " Is Rilla's mommy going to try and beat you?" " No honey we're on the same team." "Oh, I know we can throw Rilla's mommy in the pond so you could beat her." ... Yikes we had to talk about that one.

*Grady and I were discussing marriage and he asked who he would marry. I told him he would have to pray about that. So he proceeds to lay down close his eyes wait a second or two and then tells me "There's a different Grace at the Philippines that I am going to marry." I guess time will tell.

*This week someone asked Grady where belly buttons came from and Grady quickly replied,

*For some reason, Grady was licking our globe, not idea why, and Kent told him to stop because it was nasty and old. Grady asked how old. Kent said 10 to 15 years. To which Grady asked "Is that when the dinosaurs came?"

Some of his other funny sayings are, "Will that be a good idea." I'm going to throw this away."

I know these don't sound funny written out, but hilarious when he's saying them.


Blessing come in all different ways. Twoish weeks ago I ask God to show me the blessings in our life. Here are a few....

  • Grady and Grace being friends. I prayed when I was pregnant for Grace that Grady and the baby would be best friends. I desired that so that Grady would always have a friend wherever we went. God is working on them both to love and enjoy each other more.
  • All of this food was given to us by Union Gospel Church, a church of about 30 members pastored by a teacher at NTBI. The crazy thing, this much food was given to 12 other families here by just 30 members!! It was a huge blessing.
  • Our two healthy children that are developing. It's such a blessing to see our children sitting at the table making real pictures.
  • Friends to eat Baked Goods - Since coming to NTBI, my baking has increased at least 60 fold. I love to bake, but we don't need to eat everything I make. So it's a blessing to have friends that we can take our baked goods too, so we can turn around and make more.

  • Birthday Parties!! We're so blessed to be able to have other children here that Grady and Grace can celebrate their birthdays with them.
  • Amazing Teachers - We're so blessed to have a variety of teachers with a variety of teaching styles. They all know the word so well and teach it in amazing ways. It's always sad to be done with one teacher, but then it never fails, another great one is always to follow.

  • Goodwill..... I needed a new pair of dress shoes for Grace and I found them at the Goodwill that's 10 minutes from our house. They were a huge blessing!
  • Packages from Bluffton - Yesterday we go a card and package from Bluffton. When Grady saw it on the counter he asked who it was for. He was so excited to open it. Inside were coloring books, stickers, candy, and markers. The card had a gas card and a Pizza Hut card in it. What a blessing to have friends that know what we need and know what we like best. Thanks Michelle.
  • Support - We're so blessed to be supported monthly by Hope Missionary Church. It's also always a blessing when people from home support us with prayers, gifts, and their love.

  • Company - We love to have people at our house. We're thankful that we get to invest in the lives of other married students.

We are truly blessed.