Wednesday, June 11, 2014

So Far This Summer

Hard to believe, but we've been home 3.5 weeks already. This summer was bound to go quickly and it seems to be holding to that. We haven't been super busy, but we have enjoyed our time in Bluffton. Kent continues to work hard everyday at Fairway Flooring, and then enjoys relaxing with the family in the evenings. I am blessed enough to get to spend extra time with the kids, my family, and my friends.

Grace and Solider have become great buddies. If they become quite there's a good chance they've found something they shouldn't have. Thankfully, this morning it was simply grapes out of the fridge.

Grady and Emry still spend every waking moment together. When we leave Grady asks when we'll play with Emry again and when we come back he runs inside to see if she's home. They're definitely two peas in a pod.

Grace is still, well Grace. She has so many words and a ton of personality to back them up. When I asked her yesterday is she had made a mess downstairs, her response was simply, "Umm, yea." She told me this morning that strangers were enormous and later in the day that she would "punch them in the face." She's also the one that smashed a fly with her taggie and told me, "His guts are hanging out." Yes, she really is a riot.

 My mom's, know as Lala by my kids, pond is open and ready for enjoyment. Grady is doing a great job of working on his doggie paddle and floating in the water. We love the time we get to spend there. It's usually a great time of playing for the kids and fellowship for my family. The water is still super cold, but the kids don't seem to mind.

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready Grady runs and tells me that Grace smashed a spider with her gooie (what we call a pacifier). I wasn't totally convinced, but Grady proceeded to wash it off. When I went down to check her bed, it was just as Grady said! Grace certainly did smash the spider right on her bed. I shouldn't be surprised, since this is the girl that pick up a snake two weeks ago in the back yard.

 Ok, one more bug story. Grace was walking outside and stopped short at this ant. She proceeded to inform me that the ant was carrying a hot dog!

 Grady is really enjoying his summer. It's good for him to be back in Bluffton with his friends, family, and things that are familiar. Grady is my thinker. He asked, "Is that cream you can eat," referring to the moose for my hair. He's always thinking about what's happening and how is it all going to work out. His words are also out of this world, always bringing a smile or laugh to Kent and me. Yesterday, Grady simply stated, "Sweet Nectar" after eating a piece of candy. He still gets some words confused, like Hanitizer instead of Hand Sanitizer.


It's been a great summer so far. We're house sitting next week, babysitting/house sitting for a week in July, planning to take a family vacation, and then visiting with family the week before we return. We all know that time marches on. Press through the long days. Take is a moment at a time. Trusting God for the next.

*****Our family vacation: After talking with many wise people we have decided to take a vacation. It's something we have had to wrestle with, being that we'll be head back to school in the fall. So we have been weighing out the different options. So why do I post this? Well, if there would be any place that you may know that would be available and somewhat inexpensive during the split week of July and August, would you let us know. We'd like to go south. An available condo, a website that has good deals, a friend that you may know. Thanks for considering this!