Sunday, May 3, 2015

We Got The Call!!!

What it takes to get "The Call"
  • Two years of Bible School
  • A reference from your Deans
  • Completion of a pre-application
  • A background check
  • A medical evaluation
  • A credit check
  • Completion of a formal application, which takes 6 hours to complete
  • 4 references
  • And..... Waiting....
And then the call comes. We received our call from Dave while we were at Wayumi. He was excited to inform us that....


So what does this mean, we will be moving to Missouri, in August to continue our missionary training. This past week we spent a week at Wayumi, which is a more in depth study of the work we will be doing on the field. The time we spent at Wayumi stirred a great deal of excitement in my heart for the training that we will receive at the MTC. Honestly, I cannot wait. I know it's going to be a lot different than it is at NTBI. However, for the moment I will bask in the joy that comes from thinking about out next step.