Monday, August 17, 2015

Starting All Over...

Not that long ago we were looking at the possibility of not being able to take the next step of training with New Tribes Mission. The situation looked bleak, but God and His people delivered in the final hours moving His Body in a miraculous way (Most of you reading this are whom I'm talking about! Thank You!!). That miraculous movement now has us sitting in Camdenton, Missouri praising Him and thanking the Body that we were able to start our first class today! We are so grateful and thankful for you all!
A final treat together with cousins before we hit the road. Also a HUGE THANK YOU to "Eicher House Ministries" for making moments like these possible this summer! Thank You Tim and Julie Eicher Family!
These two incredible men (Jack Girod and Tony Gerber) helped load, haul and unload this 20 ft. trailer borrowed from an awesome Brother in the faith. This held nearly all we own now. Unreal to think!(Thank you to Dane and Braxton Gerber for helping us load too!)

Our view everyday at the Missionary Training Center
The spectacular views and conditions have the feel of a vacation resort at times rather than a training facility.

 This is the beginning of the final two years in training with New Tribes Mission. The first two if you recall were spent in Jackson, Michigan studying the Word of God (the Bible) learning the "why, how, and what" is so important about God's Word that we need to share it with those who have never heard.
It is a long process of training with New Tribes Mission, but we were reminded by a special individual to us that, "A Doctor doesn't become a Doctor with a short orientation process. If so you wouldn't want him working on you or your children! So it makes sense that you'd treat the delivery of the Word of God to the unreached in a similar way!" The point is, to take as much knowledge with you as possible before you enter into one of the biggest challenges of you spiritual and emotional life.
   Here's Grady enjoying some high flying water action! Grady starts the 1st Grade with Mrs. Carter tomorrow, so please be prayerful for him!
And of course our fearless 4 yr. old had to get in on this action too!

 The move was stressful, as moves typically are. We were thrown right into training from the get go with a great simulation as we arrived. It tried our patience but we made it through. Shortly there after the typical New Tribes men came out of everywhere to our rescue and helped us unload our belongings.
We are settled now and excited for day 2 and beyond of classes down here. Please keep us in your prayers! We miss, love and thank you all again for making this possible!
To God be the Glory! The Rockwells