Thursday, January 29, 2015

Our First ER Visit

On Monday, we were blessed enough to have our first Emergency Room visit with our children. We went to the ER as a family after we totaled our van, but that wasn't a real emergency. Monday was an emergency.

On our arrival home from school, Grady was taking off his coat, but his hands got caught in the sleeves. He tripped and wasn't able to catch himself. He caught the entire weight of his body on his chin. I thought he was ok until I saw the blood. We had our friend John, who is a nurse, look at it. His immediate response was that we take him to the ER.

Well, 6 stiches, 4 hours, 1 x-ray, lots of crying, then being brave, me almost passing out, and a round of watching bad cartoons later, we left the ER with Grady's chin all fixed up.

He did well and I'll be glad not to visit there again any time soon.

So what else have we been filling our time with beside ER visits?
  • Classes at School: Public Speaking, Philippians, and 1st and 2nd Thessalonians
  • Homework, both ours and Grady's
  • Training our Children
  • Spending time with our friends here, as we only have the rest of this semester with them
  • Applying to the Mission Training Center, our plan is to go in August
Our classes this semester are focusing on the applications of Christian Life. Taking what we've learned about God and who we are and then applying all those truths to our lives and how we walk in those. So what does that practically mean for our walks:
  • Choosing to walk in the Spirit in all areas of our lives, even those that bring the flesh out of us
  • Remembering what God has done for us in the past and believing him that He'll be faithful with our future
  • Remembering that God is faithful even when He works out differently than the way we would want him too
  • That God requires us to train our children to be obedient and submit to authority
Oh dear friends, stand firm, persevere, walk worthy today that you'll be found blameless before your heavenly Father. As I watch my kids sort through things at the table, I'm reminded at how quickly life goes. God uses it to remind me to make the most of today. Press on. And in the moments when you fail, just like I do daily, remember who you are in Christ. And decide..... I'm going to be who God declares me to be. So often I fail, but am so thankful for the grace that God shows me daily.

Ok.... so these pictures are from our NTBI Christmas party. They don't really go with the rest of this post, however, I thought it needed more picutres so I added some.