Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer Break - Day 1

No, I won't be updating our blog daily, but as I was putting the kids in bed I decided that a quick post might be fun.

So our day started with Grady waking up at 6:25am, a new record for him. He was ready and waiting when Emry got up.

At 8:45am the two children that I am babysitting this summer arrived. Kent left for the day. He met with several people to try and get his work and insurance figured out.

The kids were with us till 4:45. This time included playing in the sand box, changing the baby's diapers, fixing lunch for three very hungry kiddos, and feeding three bottles to the baby.

When Emry left at noon, Grady was beside himself. However, he was the only one that could make the baby laugh. It was so precious.

The best part of the day came around 4:45 when Grady asked Kent to take his training wheels off his bike. He's been asking for a few weeks but we wanted to wait till we returned to Bluffton. Well as it turns out, Grady needed no help. Kent was trying to help him and Grady asked him to let go and off he went. In five minutes he was riding his bike like he had been doing it for months. It was a very exciting moment for us. Grady is pretty excited too! (Even though it doesn't look like it in this picture. We just told him that he had to come in for supper.)

After our first supper in our basement, we split ways. Kent stayed to help Kyle put a new dryer in, since the old one stopped working today. I went out to my mom's house to get our car out of storage. However, I got 50 yards from her drive way and it quick. I did get it started to get it back in her lane, and it quick again. So now we have to figure out what's wrong with our car and how to get it fix.

Pretty eventful day. I think tomorrow we'll just practice bike riding some more.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Summer Break

When I was looking at our pictures I realized that it's been awhile since I've done a post. So, here's a few pictures that will bring you up to our return to Bluffton.
In April, Grace's friend Hosanna had tea party. The girl's had a great time playing with their baby dolls and dressing up in their fancy dresses.

Grady and Grace are still enjoying their friendship and taking on the world together.

During Easter we were able to visit Bluffton. Brandy, my sister, got a new puppy. Grace fell in love with it! Grace loves all animals, even though she's been nipped at by 2 dogs, bite by a cat and a hamster. She just keeps coming back for more.

We picked up our last round of library books before we headed back to Bluffton. We can't wait to visit the library in Bluffton. It's one of my favorite places to go with my kids.

The Saturday before we left, we enjoyed visiting with friends at our school's Spring Picnic. Right before we left, the kids asked if they could go into the water. As you can see, my answer was yes.

The Picnic ended with our teacher, Dan Falls, telling the kids a very captivating story about his time in tribe. The kids were fascinated by this story involving Dan, an alligator and another tribal person.

We enjoyed our last married social at an ice cream place in Jackson, The Parlor. Yes, the kids did have ice cream for supper.

Enjoying married time together without our children is always a cherished time. The seniors went out with the deans for breakfast, so we decided to share our time with the other married sophomores.

Finally, the day came for our last day of school. We had been talking about it for awhile so the kids didn't seem too sad. Child care has been so amazing. I think I'm most thankful for the scripture songs that Grace has learned. If you see her, ask her to sing "Encourage one another" to you.

In spite of wanting to be done and simply move onto our summer break, we had some homework we needed to finish up. Kent spent many hours on his timeline. It did get done and he did a great job with it!

We went to graduation on Saturday and then started to say our good-byes. Good bye to our friends and good bye to the kid's friends. Grady will miss Gavin. They've spent many hours in the gym together, playing all type of games.
So after packing, cleaning, loading, and more loading, sending my mom ahead with her full Escape, we set out for Bluffton on Saturday around 3. We finally had the kids in bed and asleep by 10:30. It was a lot but we made it.
We're thankful to be back, visiting with friends and resting. This past year has been an amazing year for us. We've learned so much about God, His Word, and ourselves. Having this summer break will help us to think about the things we've learned and recharge us for this fall.
If you're in Bluffton, we'd love to visit with you!