Friday, March 21, 2014


This past week we had Special Emphesis in place of our normal classes. We do this one a semester to focus on a certain topic. This year we had a NTM Missionary come and talk about his work in PNG, and what a mature church might look like in a tribe.
How can something be so encouraging and be so frightening all at the same time. I was overwhelmed by what we may face. Yet, knowing the size of the task, confident that I have to rely on God for each step because there is NO way that Kent and I could do this work in our own strength. He shared a lot of really good points, but here are three that I'll share with you.
1. Settle in your heart Who is the Lord? and then ask What would he have me to do.
2. Live the life of truth, no matter what the cost.
3. Lastly, he showed us this picture of a jeep driving over a old, worn, unsafe bridge, with a river full of water under the bridge. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that this jeep was headed into a tribe. 
     Now those of you that really know me, you know that this picture was giving me a literal stomachache. I do not really enjoy water . So as I'm weighing this over in my mind as to wheter I could really put my family in that jeep and drive them across that bridge, he asks, Will you ever come to a point when Christ is no longer worth it? Think about it. Is there ever a time when you would say I just can't. I know that I should tell this person, or people about Jesus, but I just can't. That point that Christ just isn't worth the risk anymore.
      After seeing this picture, and working through all these thoughts, I realized yet again that this work that God is using us for will only be accomplished by him working in us.
       Could I cross that bridge today? No. Do I have to? No. Will I have to some day? Maybe. Will God go before be and prepare me for each plank that the tire crosses? Absolutely. After all, we're talking about the creator of the universe!
     Great is his faithfulness, great is his faithfulness, morning by morning his mercies are new. All I have needed his hand have provided! Yes, God has seen us through the small struggles here at NTBI and prepare us for the big struggles to come. I have the opportunity to trust him and move forward. Believing that he will go before us.

Life at Apartment 236

I realized the other day that it's been, well a long time since I've done a post. I've tried to figure out if we've been super busy or if life as just been happening. I'm pretty sure it's just that life keeps moving on, not only for us but for everyone. So I thought I'd take a few minutes to just give you an update about what's happening at NTBI's Apartment 236.

Our kids are growing every day. They're always coming up with funny new sayings. Last week, I asked Grace what she was thinking about, her response, "Mmmmm, I'm thinking about Eggnog." As you can see, she's full of life and energy!

What I love about these days, is that there's plenty of time to cuddle my kids. If I'm not careful, the busyness of life will come and rob this from me. However, when I am intentional I have a lot of very precious moments with my kids. As much as Grady will let me, I pull him up onto my lap and just hold him. The day will come when he'll want to get down and not stop to rest with his mommy.

Grace is still enjoying hanging out with her friends. They enjoy taking their babies to the gym and playing with them.

As you can see, Grady still loves his footie jammies as much as he did the day I introduced them to him. He thinks it's hilarious to take his four stuffed animals and zip them up inside his jammies. I have to admit, I think it's pretty funny too!

Grace is really enjoys writing and coloring. I was making a grocery list the other day and she thought it would be a good idea to make one as well. Somehow I didn't get a red head, but I did get a leftie.

 Grady and Grace still love to dress up. This is one of the best dress up pictures. Grace is pretending to be a princess pirate and Grady is leading the ship.


In the mist of children, school work, housework, and SWP, Kent and I are making the time to be together.

Classes here are going well. Someone told me we only have six weeks of classes to go, and then we'll head home for the summer. It's really overwhelming to think that we're almost done with our first year at NTBI. We've been learning about the life of Christ and who Christ is. Next week, we're starting to study of the book of Acts. We've also been learning practical things about everyday life. Like how important relationships are and being able to communicate well in those relationships.

I hope this finds you all well, living your lives as they continue to march on just as ours does.