Monday, May 23, 2016

When an Ending is Just the Beginning

      You know that moment when you're like, "Ok, it's over. Now what?" Well, that's where Kent and I find ourselves as we have completed our training. Over the last three years, two in Jackson, MI and one in Roach, MO, we have been preparing for the work that we would encounter on the field. During this training we have learned:

At some point in time, almost everyone that comes through the training has at least one baby! All these women are due by December of next year. 

Friends are worth making and pouring into even if it means we'll only have them for a short time! A wise missionary once said, "Play it hard till the end. There will be time for tears later!"

Our training during the last three years has not always been what we thought it would be. However, it was been wonderful in preparing us for the work we will do in AZ. The training is always sure to work on our relationship with the Lord. 

God has proven to be faithful time and time again as we have come to Him with many decisions that needed to be made during our training. We're so thankful that He heard our prayer and gave us Grant and Alana as mentors.

Ask the right people and you'll get the help you need. Now, we're not sure what the workers will be like but at least they do come to help!

Friendships that we have gained through this training will last a lifetime, even if we're serving or living on different sides of the world!

Time marches on. We took this same picture just 9 short months ago, at the beginning of our training at the MTC and now here we are taking it again at the end of our training. 

God does walk with us to do the things we think we cannot do. Like driving 10 hours from MO to IN when you're 37 weeks pregnant!

 No matter how long you're away or how long you'll be home, family is always good to come home to!

No ones life ALWAYS looks like this!

    So the end of training has come and now what? Well, personally I'd like to have this baby before we move too far ahead, which will hopefully be happening in 2 weeks and 2 days (not that I'm counting). 

       Then what after that. Well ,we get the amazing opportunity to ask people to join our team as we carry out the great commission to take the gospel to all nations. God's been really working on our hearts these last two weeks about what that partnership should look like and how we can develop our team. Our hearts are not always where they need to be but we are moving in a direction that I believe brings more glory to God than our rotten hearts used to bring. 

      What's strange about this "beginning," is that it has no ending. As we form our team, we're hoping to bring partners on board that have the same heart that we have, to bring the gospel to those who have not yet heard, and will thus be life-long partners in our ministry. 

     It's very clear that the task ahead of us is very large and really not something we can accomplish on our own. Ministry Partnership Development (MPD), or support raising, has shown us our "not enoughness" yet again. Our hearts and minds will have to be consistently in communion with our heavenly Father. He's proven faithful before and He will prove it yet again.  

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  1. WOW! congratulations, guys! This post made me feel a little emotional. What a journey. So looking forward to seeing you this summer!