Sunday, July 28, 2013

Grandpa Jack's Last Resort

   Last Saturday, we gathered one last time at my dad's "campground" down south. This is a large property that he owns. It has a camper, garage, and a lot of grass. The kids love it. Isabelle, Lydia, and Vivian love to help walk the dogs. All the kids love to swim in the little pool and slide on the large, homemade slip and slide. The adults simply enjoy being together. We had a great time, but did miss Owen, Grahm, and Cole.

Right after lunch, we decided that we should have corn on the cob for supper.
Kent and Ben went to fetch it and then husked it.

Vivian and Grady on the oversized slip and slide.

Hunter, Ben, and Ryan trying to figure out the bow and arrow.

The guys just hanging out.

Brandy doing what she does best, teaching!

The swing set is always a big hit too!

Please note: This is Grady's eye after 5 days of healing. He hit is on the trampoline
at his cousin's house. It was pretty bad.

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