Monday, July 22, 2013

Our Adventure to the Mission Field: Part 4

    So this post picks up with us beginning our work at HoH as part time house parents and applying to NTBI. We knew that NTBI was where we wanted to head, but getting there was another thing. So we applied and started to think about selling our house. The landscape needed a little work, so Kent asked Aaron McCormick to come and do some landscaping during his spring break. Well, as it turned out, Aaron did a fantastic job. So well in fact, that Kent and I like to say that he sold our house.
     This part was/is a huge confirmation in our adventure. .... We had this babysitter, Amanda, come to our house on the same day that Aaron was landscaping. I can't even remember where Kent and I were going, but we were going to be gone late. I do remember having a hard time finding a sitter, so I had to use a new one. Amanda came to watch our kids and spent time out front playing with them because they wanted to watch Aaron power wash the house. During this time Amanda asks Aaron questions about the house, at which point Aaron pauses and says, "Mmmm, Do you know they're selling their house?"
     The rest we'll say is history. She fell in love with the house and told her boyfriend who was looking for a place to buy. He comes 2 days later to look at it. Kent tells them the price, he accepts. 5 days later my mom lists it. We sign the papers. 2 weeks later have the appraisal and inspections, both go great. 2 weeks later we sign the papers and the house is officially sold!!! It's good to write this. It helps me remember that God just gave us the push we needed to start this journey.
      So just in case you missed it, God
  • Sold our house before it was on the market.
  • Sold it at our asking price.
  • Allowed it to pass inspection and appraisal.
  • Made the entire process go without a glitch.
    Now during this process we were accepted at NTBI. I really expected to have it be some big deal, but it wasn't. Todd, from admissions called and told us that our applications were accepted and we could start school in the fall. It was real. We were homeless and going to school.
    So that brings us to the present. We're living in someone's basement, waiting our departure date of August 19th. Kent's finishing his work at NAPA. We have 3 more times at HoH. We're enjoying our summer. Telling people about our plans. Preparing ourselves, as much as we can, for what college life looks like for a family.
   Thank you for the encouraging words about these post. I wasn't sure about them, but many of you have offered kind words. Hopefully, they have brought everyone up to where we currently are in this adventure.


  1. thanks so much for taking the time to write all that out! Like I told you last week, us stateside people really will need this to know how to pray!

    love you!

  2. WOW! Praising the Lord for how he is working in your hearts and lives. What awesome confirmation to sell your house before you list it! Praying for you as you prepare for school. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  3. What a journey the Lord has you on! We're thankful to hear how He is working, and we'll be in prayer for you!! :) Erin